Conservation for Aimee

Aimee came to us with a HUGE collection of pieces and some very special needs for them:

My father passed and a portion of my grandfather’s personal collection was passed on to me.  Much of the work had been in a closet for decades and was in rough shape.  Moldy, water damaged and torn in places, it needed conservation work and framing to prevent further damage.  I also hoped to be able to enjoy these memories of my father and my childhood in my home rather than putting them back in to a closet.


This particular piece from her inherited collection is an ink drawing on rice paper.  It came in water damaged and molded and was sent to our conservator for restoration and stabilization.  We framed it in a rusted steel looking frame from the foundry collection lined with a filet which is repeated in the matting.  It turned out absolutely spectacular!

Applegate facilitated access to a conservation who did fantastic work on my inheritance.  They then worked with me with incredible patience as I sorted through what I wanted for the framing and what my budget allowed.  I’m talking hours spent giving me their attention and waiting for me to be comfortable with my decisions.  These decisions were very personal due to my recent loss and they were very supportive and understanding.  I’ve now got 5 stunning pieces hanging in my home and fully intend to keep working with Applegate as I can afford to continue restoring my collection.  Thank you Applegate for helping me to feel my father’s presence in my home every day!