New Custom Glass Display Cases

I am SO excited about this glass case, for many reasons!  First of all, this sample for the shop has been on my to do list for 2 years now.  Second of all, for those of you who are fans of Cars 2 by Pixar, you are on your rears laughing right now!  My husband knew how much I loved this scene in the movie and got me the characters and the zen garden for Christmas 2 years back.  One of my best friends in the world works at Pixar and was the first credit after the voices on the movie, as well.  So this was SO much fun to do!!

It also is a great example of why I went to the PPFA National Convention in Las Vegas this year.  One of the many classes I took was on how to make glass cases.  I can now make them for both standing items and for wall hanging items that are too deep for a shadowbox frame, like African masks for example. Do you have something you would need a case for?  let me show off my new skills to you!  And come in to the shop to see this one!  You will love it!

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