Professional Bouquet & Corsage Preservation

Turn your flowers into a framed keepsake!

Bouquet Preservation Framing

After all the money you spent on your bouquet, why just throw it away?  Some flowers, like roses, can be hung upside down and dried by air, though this can be an iffy process; others, like Calla Lilies, need to be professionally preserved.  Our shop offers professional bouquet and corsage preservation.  The bouquet is photographed from all angles, disassembled and preserved, and then reassembled to look exactly as it did when you carried it down the isle.  Your Bouquet can be displayed in a table top shadowbox or hung on the wall and it can be framed alone or with other mementos like your cake topper and serving set.

The preservation process takes approximately two to three weeks and we recommend you wait to choose framing until you see the final colors of the flowers as they can darken during the preservation process. The darker the flower begins, the darker it can become; whereas a light colored flower may look exactly as it did going in to the process.

For the preservation itself, we start by photographing the bouquet from all angled, disassemble it and photograph each individual flower. The flowers are then removed from the stems and submerged individually into a special silica. This has to be done carefully to be sure the flowers maintain their original shape. Then the flowers and their stems are left in the silica for two to three weeks. The silica absorbs the moisture from the flowers without damaging or collapsing the cells. Once the flowers are completely dried, the bouquet is reassembled using the photographs of the bouquet for reference.

Here are a few examples of Framed Bouquets: