Physical & Digital Photo Restoration

Breathe new life into your old keepsake photos!

If a piece is special to you and you love it, it makes sense to protect it and return it to it’s original condition.  A painting that has been in the family or photos of your relatives could mean a great deal to your children and other family it may be passed down to.  Something as simple as removing old varnish from a painting can bring out colors and detail you haven’t seen in years.  Repairing tears to a photo can mean passing on family images to generations to come. For photographs, documents, artwork on paper, and even paintings, we offer two types of restoration, actual and digital. Pieces can be repaired from the simplest damage like fading to the more extensive damage like tears and molding.  Water damage can be repaired on frames, paintings and photos.  Paintings can be cleaned and varnished and repairs can be made to tears and holes as well as to missing areas of paint.

For digital restoration, the original artwork is scanned into the computer and the original is left as is and in tact. The artwork is then repaired in the computer and a new piece is printed which can then be framed and displayed. Multiples could be printed, as well, if you want to share the restored piece with others.

For actual restoration, our conservator can come to our gallery, asses the work to be done and provide an estimate of cost. Once this cost is agreed upon, the conservator will do the appropriate restoration on the piece.

Frames can have missing ornament rebuilt and whole frames can be refinished, gold leafed and varnished. We are trained to do small to large repair ourselves and can recommend someone for any projects outside of our scope of experience.

For digital restoration, the scanning is done on site, while you are present if possible. The artwork is then uploaded to the artists who do the artwork. For actual restoration, excluding that of frames, the work is done at our conservator’s studio. Frame restoration is done on site.